The issue covers 15 articles on various topics, including biodiversity, soil mapping, indigenous sites, traditional knowledge, agroforestry, agriculture, pandemic impacts, forest ecosystem services, NGO participation in forest policy, historical labor exploitation, and mistreatment of women in social forestry.

Published: May 14, 2022

Global biodiversity-related conventions on facilitating biodiversity conservation in Vietnam

May 14, 2022
Do Quang Tung, Felipe Bravo, Rosario Sierra-de-Grado, Hoang Van Sam
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Agroforestry rubber networks and farmers groups in Phatthalung area in Southern Thailand: A potential for an innovation platform?

May 24, 2022
Eric Penot, Marion Theriez, Isabelle Michel, Uraiwan Tongkaemkaew, Benedicte Chambon
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Poured from the Sky: The Story of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Cérékang Forest Conservation

Jun 3, 2022
Andi Muhammad Akhmar, Fathu Rahman, Supratman Supratman, Husain Hasyim, M. Nawir
Read Statistic: 1269

Pengataa, ToKaili Customary Spatial Planning: A record of tropical settlements in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Jun 18, 2022
Zaenal Sirajuddin, Puteri Fitriaty , Zhenjiang Shen
Read Statistic: 601

Nongovernmental organizations as interest groups and their roles in policy processes: Insights from Indonesian forest and environmental governance

Jun 19, 2022
Dwi Laraswati, Max Krott, Emma Soraya, Sari Rahayu, Micah R. Fisher, Lukas Giessen, Ahmad Maryudi
Read Statistic: 1385

Impacts of Payment for Forest Ecosystem Services on Local livelihoods in A Luoi District, Thua Thien Hue Province, Viet Nam

Jul 2, 2022
Pham Thu Thuy, Duong Ngoc Phuoc, Le Thi Thanh Thuy
Read Statistic: 809

COVID-19 Pandemic: Impacts, Craftsmen’s Living Strategies, and Economic Recovery of Bamboo Handicraft Enterprise in Gunungkidul, Indonesia

Sep 14, 2022
Marcellinus Utomo, Aris Sudomo, Levina Augusta Geraldine Pieter, Dewi Maharani, Dila Swestiani, Carmen Minerva Siagian, Rizki Ary Fambayun, Aulia Perdana, James Michael Roshetko
Read Statistic: 620

Assessing Integration of Science in Policy-Making Process of the Utilization of Abandoned Lands in Indonesia: Case of Bogor Regency

Sep 15, 2022
Handian Purwawangsa, Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat, Hariadi Kartodihardjo, Ernan Rustiadi
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Soil mapping by farmers in a Thai-Lao village in Northeast Thailand: A test of an ethnopedological research method

Oct 3, 2022
Sujitra Yodda, Suwit Laohasiriwong, Terry Rambo
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The Pagoda of the Gods: A case for Indigenous Karen sacred sites as Special Cultural Zones along Thailand’s borders

Oct 11, 2022
Suwichan Phatthanaphraiwan, Lilly Zeitler, Benjamin Fairfield
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Management, Exploitation and Contract Labor of the Pine Merkusi Forest in Tanah Gayo during the Dutch Colonial Period

Nov 3, 2022
Sufandi Iswanto, Nurasiah Nurasiah, Teuku Kusnafizal, Muhammad Haikal, Zulfan Zulfan, Abdul Azis, Ramazan Ramazan
Read Statistic: 665

Injustice against Women in a Social Forestry Program: Case Studies from Two Indonesian Villages

Nov 3, 2022
Dadang Anugrah, Andi Vika Faradiba Muin, Irlan Irlan, Muhammad Agung Tomasina, Nurul Azila, Nurhady Sirimorok, Novaty Eny Dungga, Syamsu Alam
Read Statistic: 1361

The Agricultural Expansion in Conservation Areas: The Case of Gunung Halimun Salak National Park, West Java

Nov 11, 2022
Sulastri Sardjo, Arya Hadi Dharmawan, Dudung Darusman, Ekawati Wahyuni
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The Production of Safety School Space from Climate Disasters in Doi Mae Salong Forest, Upland Northern Thailand

Nov 14, 2022
Maya Dania, Wanwalee Inpin, Reni Juwitasari, Yuki Miyake, Yukiko Takeuchi, Takayoshi Maki
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Scholarly Interest in Forest Fires in Indonesia: A Bibliographical Review

Aug 26, 2022
Eka Wulandari, Djati Mardiatno, Dewi Haryani Susilastuti, Ahmad Maryudi
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