Call For Reviewers


ELS Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities (ELS-JISH)

ELS-JISH would like to invite you to contribute to the publication of research by joining as a reviewer. ELS-JISH is looking for reviewers who can provide critical analysis of papers to improve the overall credibility of the journal.

The scope of ELS-JISH includes studies in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics which cover textual and fieldwork studies with various perspectives of Language research and innovation that can be related to History, Society, Humanity, Technology, Literature, and also various perspectives in Education interest.

Status                       : Voluntary job
Working language : English
Working                   : Internet-based style  
Reward                     : Certificate of Appreciation after manuscript review

Thank you so much for joining this voluntary works as a Reviewer. We are expecting a positive collaboration from you in the future.

Kindly fill up the form here  and Click here for further information: 

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