This issue contains a total of 31 contributions, including 27 empirical articles, one review article, one book review, and one field notes article. Some of the articles are part of special sections focusing on remote sensing technology for forest management and conservation in Southeast Asia, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on land and livelihoods in Southeast Asia, the future of Tanah Papua, and social forestry in the Philippines.

Published: Jun 4, 2021

Poor science meets political neglect: Land use changes of high conservation value forests in Indonesia

Jun 17, 2021
Arnanto Nurprabowo, San Afri Awang, Sigit Hardwinarto, Budi Dharmawan, Muhammad Haidar Daulay, Ahmad Maryudi
Read Statistic: 1184

Mangrove Forest Restoration by Fisheries Communities in Lampung Bay: A study based on perceptions, willingness to pay, and management strategy

Jun 24, 2021
Maulana Firdaus, Katsumori Hatanaka, Ramadhona Saville
Read Statistic: 1482

Tracing Current Wildlife Trade: An Initial Investigation in Makassar City, Indonesia

Jul 6, 2021
Risma Illa Maulany, Aisyah Mutmainnah, Nasri Nasri, Amran Achmad, Putu Oka Ngakan
Read Statistic: 1196

State-led Forest Development and Social Protest in East Nusa Tenggara Province

Jul 9, 2021
Didimus Dedi Dhosa
Read Statistic: 1829

Institutional analysis of forest governance after the implementation of Law Number 23/2014 in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia

Jul 10, 2021
Oding Affandi, Hariadi Kartodihardjo, Bramasto Nugroho, Sulistya Ekawati
Read Statistic: 760

Tree Speech: An Analysis of Discourses on Permanent Reserved Forests in Malaysian Debates since 1959

Jul 13, 2021
Alia Azmi, Rhosanna Jenkins
Read Statistic: 464

The Role of Social Capital of Riau Women Farmer Groups in Building Collective Action for Tropical Peatland Restoration

Jul 13, 2021
Ashaluddin Jalil, Yesi Yesi, Seger Sugiyanto, Dyah Puspitaloka, Herry Purnomo
Read Statistic: 1579

Land-Use Changes and Food Insecurity around Oil Palm Plantations: Evidence at the Village Level

Jul 14, 2021
Jajat Sudrajat, Adi Suyatno, Shenny Oktoriana  
Read Statistic: 831

Seasonal Dynamics of Tropical Forest Vegetation in Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve, Vietnam Based on UAV Data

Jul 22, 2021
Nguyen Dang Hoi , Ngo Trung Dung
Read Statistic: 547

Value Chain Structure Analysis as A Starting Point for Bamboo Enterprise Development: Lessons from Gunungkidul, Indonesia

Jul 31, 2021
Marcellinus Utomo, Levina Pieter, Carmen M. Siagian
Read Statistic: 963

Assessing the sustainability of traditional agroforestry practices: a case of Mamar agroforestry in Kupang-Indonesia

Aug 30, 2021
Alfred Umbu Kuala Ngaji, Muhammad Baiquni, Hatma Suryatmojo, Eko Haryono
Read Statistic: 1108

Evaluating the feasibility of oil palm agroforestry in Harapan Rainforest, Jambi, Indonesia

Sep 5, 2021
Tabah Arif Rahmani, Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat, Yulius Hero, Mi Sun Park, Rizaldi Boer, Arif Satria
Read Statistic: 1211

Population Status of Tapanuli Orangutan (Pongo tapanuliensis) within the Renewable Energy Development and its Management Implications

Sep 7, 2021
Didik Prasetyo, Yokyok Hadiprakarsa, Wanda Kuswanda, Jito Sugardjito
Read Statistic: 1163

Symbolic consultation and cultural simplification in the establishment of an Indonesian national park and its impacts on local livelihoods

Oct 1, 2021
Mei Meilani, Wahyu Andayani, Lies Rahayu Wijayanti Faida, Fitria Dewi Susanti, Rodd Myers, Ahmad Maryudi
Read Statistic: 824

Estimation of Above-Ground Mangrove Biomass Using Landsat-8 Data- Derived Vegetation Indices: A Case Study in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

Oct 5, 2021
Hai-Hoa Nguyen, Huy Duc Vu, Achim Röder
Read Statistic: 1005

Why Does Tobacco Agriculture in Thailand Persist?

Oct 11, 2021
Buapun Promphakping, Thanapauge Chamaratana, Pornpen Somaboot, Pattaraporn Weeranakin, Ninwadee Promphakping, Kritsada Phatchaney
Read Statistic: 698

Use of Organic Materials to Maintain Soil Quality by Thai-Lao Rice Farmers in Northeast Thailand

Oct 11, 2021
Sujitra Yodda, Suwit Laohasiriwong, A. Terry Rambo
Read Statistic: 448

Should drill or shouldn’t drill? Urban and rural dwellers’ acceptance of geothermal power plant in Mount Slamet protection forest, Indonesia

Oct 11, 2021
Dhifa Qorizki, Dwiko B. Permadi, Teguh Yuwono, Rohman Rohman
Read Statistic: 577

Forest and Peatland Fire Dynamics in South Sumatra Province

Oct 25, 2021
Ati Dwi Nurhayati, Bambang Hero Saharjo, Leti Sundawati, Syartinilia Syartinilia, Mark A. Cochrane
Read Statistic: 908

Village Fund for Peatlands Restoration: Study of Community’s Perceived Challenges and Opportunities in Muaro Jambi District

Nov 2, 2021
Mahpud Sujai, Kosuke Mizuno, Tri Edhi Budhi Soesilo, Riko Wahyudi, Joko Tri Haryanto
Read Statistic: 666

Assessing the Social-ecological Resilience of Organic Farmers in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

Nov 15, 2021
Chaiteera Panpakdee, Budsara Limnirankul, Prathanthip Kramol
Read Statistic: 586

Analysis and interpretation of forest fire data of Sikkim

Jul 4, 2021
Kapila Sharma, Gopal Thapa
Read Statistic: 992

Creating Commons: Reflections on Creating Natural Resource Management Regimes in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Nov 13, 2021
Karno Batiran, Nurhady Sirimorok, Bart Verheijen, Micah R. Fisher, Muhammad Alif K. Sahide
Read Statistic: 707

The Bamboo Business in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia, During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jun 29, 2021
Ary Widiyanto , Suhartono Suhartono, Marcellinus Utomo , Idin Saepudin Ruhimat, Tri Sulistyati Widyaningsih, Maria Palmolina, Eva Fauziyah, Sanudin Sanudin
Read Statistic: 863

Does the COVID-19 pandemic affect social-ecological resilience of organic rice production system in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand?

Jun 23, 2021
Chaiteera Panpakdee, Fakjit Palinthorn
Read Statistic: 601

Mango and COVID-19: The impact on and coping of Namdokmai Sithong mango export farmers in Khon Kaen, Thailand during the pandemic of COVID-19

Aug 4, 2021
Patcharaporn Sornsena , Kanlaya Mikhama , Yos Borisutdhi
Read Statistic: 1183

The Livelihood Challenge of Forest Honey Bee Farmers amidst COVID-19 Pandemic in Mutis, Indonesia

Oct 5, 2021
Gerson Ndawa Njurumana, Norman P.L.B. Riwu Kaho, Elisa Iswandono, Sherley S. Wila Huky, Budy Z. Mooy, Fatmawati Fatmawati, Darius A. Kian, Yeni F. Nomeni
Read Statistic: 1427

Customary Forests in West Papua: Contestation of Desires or Needs?

Jul 18, 2021
Antoni Ungirwalu, San Afri Awang, Yubelince Y. Runtuboi, Mariana Y. Peday, Jonni Marwa, Bustar Maitar, Agustinus Murdjoko, Sepus M Fatem
Read Statistic: 1011